Jen Williams

Also Known As Jen Zatoth and Jen Zatoth Williams.

Jen Williams was born in Bridgeton, NJ, and had started studying art at age 7. She took lessons at the Barn Studio of Art in Millville, NJ, and Sturday classes at Moore College of Art. In 1998, Jen earned a BFA from Rowan University, where she studied illustration under editorial illustrator Nancy Ohanian. She teaches basic drawing classes to adults at Absegami High School in Galloway, NJ, and has shown at Brenner's Brew in Bridgeton, NJ, and at the Highwire Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. As an illustrator, her works has been seen on the "Black Wings" insert on the Ava Inferi Blood of Bacchus cd and modified on the Djinn EP. In addition to art, Jen is a photographer whose work has been seen in Weird New Jersey magazine, had written a biography for the band Hawkwind for NEARfest and writes short fiction and free form poetry.

Completed Novels:
KAISA'S FOLLY, 2006. ISBN 978-0-6151-7268-2. Self published through under Castle Nemh.

Chaos Dragon for HAWKFAN 23, ink

TREE OF DEATH, ink on illustration board

YIN AND YANG, ink on illustartion board

BALANCE, ink on clay illustration board

MOCK TURTLE AND GRYPHON, ink on illustration board

AFFWYS, ink on illustration board

MADOC AC DAFYDD, ink on illustration board

HOOKAH SMOKING CATERPILLAR, ink on illustration board

THE MAD HATTER, ink on illustration board

DARLIG EPLE, concrete poem, ink on illustration board

BLACK WINGS, pen and ink on illustration board, 2009. Works are in possession of Rune Eriksen.

AREA 51, pen and ink on illustration board, 2009

IN THE COURT OF THE DWARVEN KING, pen and ink on illustration board, 2008

WOLF, pen and ink on illustration board, 2009. In the collection of V. & J. Straub

Artwork is the copyrighted property of Jen Williams. All rights reserved.