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The first published book, KAISA'S FOLLY, is available now on The style is experimental, foregoing the usual play-like dialogue I employed in other writings, both the Sea of Mystics and the Dwarf King series. KAISA'S FOLLY takes place in an age where the kells are extinct and the Nemhecs have fled into the cold wastes of the northern-most points of the world. It is about a warrior named Styrkar, a Norlander horseman who is a descendent of the Shadowmasters, although not a full Shadowkell himself. His human father and Nemhec (a race that is a mix of a species of human and shadowkell) mother are murdered by a sinister Norlander king bent of conquering the Sea of Mystics and Styrkar finds asylum in the city of Aardsberg, where he meets a lady paladin named Kaisa. What starts off as an investigation into the activities of a cult becomes a quest that Styrkar must undertake in order to stop the armies of the evil Aethelwulf and his demon masters, which takes him to the last refuge of his mother's people and in the company of the dryad of the Tree of Life, which is thought to be dead, and in the tomb of the Lord of Shadows, the Shadowmaster turned God Eroc the Lost of Darksinger.
The prequel book, ARCHANGELS OF SHADOW, is in the processes of being written and covers the period of time between the creation of the Shadowkells to the death of the Shadowmaster Shagrath, right before the Coming of the Ersai, a race of giant cyborgs that Darksinger banished from the planet of Terrascape.
DARKSINGER, number two in a series, is awaiting a new writing of the rough draft pending completion of ARCHANGELS and, as it stands, will be a novel. It is the story of the four members of Clan Darksinger-Rune, Eroc, Gorsedd and Torg-and their efforts to retrieve a powerful book that had been stolen during a raid on their family's keep a century before. As they seek the book, the Ersai banished from the planet Terrascape years before have been released from their plane of imprisonment and are on their way home to reclaim their planet and awaken their god. There are other things to this, too, but to say any more would be telling...
Currently in progress is the work STAR CROSSED, which takes place in a different time, some many aeons into the future, long after the Shadowmasters have disappeared from existence. The race that has since taken over has cloned the kells for initially military purposes, but when the race has proven too dangerous has relegated them to science experiments. Seven clones of the Shadowmasters find themselves in the care of a woman named Grace when Terrascape in destroyed.


The Shadowmasters are members of an otherly dimensional type of beings called SHADOWKELLS. They were the creations of a lonely goddess to serve as her companions, servants and guardians, to whom the Goatlord Azatoth breathed life into. Another goddess, who represented wisdom in some cultures and dragons in others, worked a deal with the shadow goddess to give her beings a home in our dimension if she could use some to maintain and guard an ancient library of knowledge. The shadow goddess complied and the shadowkells were given not only a home, but the ability to exist on two planes-hence that they can switch between a solid human-like form and their natural shadow form. Their home became Nemh and that is where they still remain, despite human encroachment driving them into the scarcely inhabitable Kells peninsula.
In the time of STAR-CROSSED, the kells are extinct, long having fulfilled the deal between Lamna, Azatoth and Satya. Ignoring mythology and warnings of curses against blasphemies and heresies, scientists resurrect the species from mummified remains to be used as various troops in wars. When the creatures prove too difficult to control, they are blinded and used for scientific experiments.


Darksinger is the younger twin of Deathstalker, created from the same piece of the Shadow Plane's material. He was a bard and was brought under the service of Azatoth. Like most of the other original eight Shadowmasters, Darksinger's off-spring named their clan after him. Darksinger and his offspring have been the primary warriors against the god Abbath and his minions.
The current members of Darksinger are the survivors of an attack by one of Abbath's minions, the remaining five of Samoth's nine children-Nebel, Runesong, Eroc, Gorsedd and Tager, who was renamed Torg by those who raised him. Eroc has stepped into not only the leadership role of the clan, despite having two older surviving sisters, but is the fabled ruler of all kells, both in this plane and their homeplane.


Clockwise from upper left: Kormo, Osric, Arfal, Toth, Spearhafoc, Tancred, Torg, Thorkell, Runesong, Eroc, Gorsedd, Krakhas. Not shown: Hakhaan, ildjarn, Nebel.


Tancred-(Tahn-cred) Shadowmaster of Clan Nightwatcher
Eroc-(Air-rock) Shadowmaster of Clan Darksinger
Torg-(as spelled) Shadowmaster of Clan Darksinger
Rune-(as spelled) Shadowmaster of Clan Darksinger
Gorsedd-(Gore-seth) Shadowmaster of Clan Darksinger
Toth-(as spelled) Shadowmaster of Clan Deathstalker
Osric-(as spelled) Shadowmaster of Clan Deathstalker
Kormo-(as spelled) Shadowmaster of Clan Gatekeeper
Spearhafoc-(Spare-hah-vok) Shadowmaster of Clan Gatekeeper
Krakhas-(Crock-us) Shadowmaster of Clan Nightwatcher
Arfal-(Ar-vahl) Shadowmaster of Clan Gatekeeper
Thorkell-(Tor-ke(hl)) Shadowmaster of Clan Deathstalker
Ildjarn-(Il-yarn) Shadowmaster of Clan Nightwatcher
Hakhaan-(Ha-kon) Shadowmaster of Clan Nightwatcher
Nebel-(Nay-bel) Shadowmaster of Clan Darksinger
Talmorau-(Tahl-more-eye) The Shadowmasters' elven companion
Morag-(as spelled) The leader of the Tychor, a mysterious goat-like race

Star-Crossed Zatoth crew:


Literature of the Shadowmasters

KAISA'S FOLLY-novel by Jen Williams, 2006 "Last Call"-Short story by Jen Williams, 2005

In progress:
Working title: ARCHANGELS OF SHADOW-novel
Working title: Star Crossed-novel/novella

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Eroc and the Bards of Azatoth Torg, Thorkell and Ildjarn

Note: I apologise for the lack of information. The artwork here will be undergoing some reworking (I keep saying that...) to not only NOT look like bad xerox copes of sketchbook images but to include all 15 Shadowmasters as well.