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The art and literature of Jen Williams' character Dafydd "Thorin" Hallkell coming soon!

Upcoming "Dwarf King" items:
In The Court of the Dwarven King-an anthology of stories surrounding Dafydd, Talhaiarn, Atticus, Madoc, Runa and Rune and the band Al Ghul.
Obscurus (formerly S)-Morfydd's curse comes to Forsberg, NJ!

Al Ghul are:
Dafydd Hallkell
Rune Hallkell
Lazarus Drache
Ariadne Sutton
Toki Bjørso

Image of Madoc and Dafydd from a set of zodiac cards I did as a graphic design project in college. They were used for Gemini, although a sketch depicting the twins in silhouette over a grave with their names on it reveals that their birthsign is Scorpio (their birthday falls on 31 October). Ink and Gesso on museum board, circa 1996

A pencil sketch of Dafydd's home-Fantoft West, 23 Shourds Court, Forsberg, NJ. The chimneys do not really look like they are falling down. The house was designed by Dafydd in a moment of boredom when he decided to see what a home in a stave church might look like. His mother, Morfydd, took his plans during a visit and built the home when he moved to New Jersey, making necessary modifications. Pencil, 2006